Honeymoons In Thailand: Top Tips

Thailand has become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world and this is no surprise considering its unparalleled white sand beaches, tropical islands and dazzling climate. Lavish five-star resorts are spread across the country offering a holiday experience that remains unsurpassed. From grand high-end hotels in the city centres to hideaways perched on secluded beaches or amidst tropical forests, Thailand has something for every couple. To help the honeymooners among us, we have devised a honeymooning checklist that will help you on your way to your dream trip away.

Where to go?

With such variety in Thailand it is difficult to choose a single destination among the innumerable available across the country and its islands. There is no best island in Thailand for honeymooning – they all offer something different! Consider planning your honeymoon to last around two to three weeks with the intention of travelling to three or four different locations within this time period to vary your experience. However, do not try to fit in too many different places as travel times can be considerable and a honeymoon is a time for you to enjoy the company of each other more than anything else. To experience the city life of Thailand Bangkok is the only option offering a dramatic introduction to the country’s rich culture. Perhaps consider flying into the capital and staying for a day or so before moving onto the paradisiacal tropical islands of Phuket and Koh Lipe. Check out some of the best luxury hotels in Bangkok.

What to do?

No matter where you find yourself in Thailand from cruising through the salt rocks of Phi Phi Island or exploring the labyrinth of Bangkok’s city streets there is always something to do. Perhaps one of the best ways to describe Thailand is as a country of versatility because it can cater to both the adventurous honeymooning types seeking to strap on their backpacks and go exploring as well as the more chilled couples wishing to relax under the beating sun. There are many things to do that would satisfy all inclinations such as discovering Thai food markets afloat transparent turquoise waters or having drinks on a rooftop bar, to name a couple. Some of our suggestions include:


Something to Remember

Thailand is inhabited by some of the world’s kindest and most accommodating people who strive to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In return, it is important to be aware of their social conventions and cultural practices as they may differ from those that characterise your society. For example, although you and your significant other may find it difficult to curb your affection for each other it is important to refrain from doing so in public. Kissing in public is not accepted and can prompt a very uncomfortable situation with the locals. So too can prolonged hugging or cuddling together on the beach. Holding hands is ok however and you will find that many Thai people do so with friends as well as couples. For other displays of affection perhaps wait until you are both alone.

Thailand Honeymoon Packages

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