Weddings In Thailand

With its mesmerising landscapes, tropical climate and extremely affordable resorts, Thailand has become the perfect destination for those who wish to get married overseas. From private villas on white sand beaches to grand hotels in Bangkok’s city centre, the wedding venues in Thailand can accommodate every taste. However, a paradisiacal wedding demands preparation and with such a variety of options when it comes to Thai wedding destinations and Thai wedding types, good preparation goes a long way. Here are a few key considerations to help you on your way.


As ever we are subject to the will of mother nature and the cyclical seasons that she elicits every year. Marriages in Thailand have consequently always been organised with the seasons in mind to avoid weddings washed away by torrential downpours. From November to February temperatures can be tropical with blue skies and sunshine whereas May to October is quite the opposite. However, you may still wish to consider a wedding in these months as the prices can be considerably lower. For example, Phuket Wedding Packages and Koh Samui Wedding Packages have a tendency to fluctuate with the seasons.


Before committing to a wedding venue, whether it be a beach wedding or church wedding for example, be sure to plan a small trip with your significant other far in advance of your planned wedding date. There you can visit possible venues, get a feel of the surrounding area and find out travel times. As well as this, you can visit the embassy or tourist information office to gather the necessary information on legal documentation, visas and marriage licenses. Another option is to consider gaining the assistance of a wedding planner who knows the best spots for your particular wedding. Junebug Weddings and The Wedding Bliss Thailand are two popular wedding planners with access to some of the best wedding venues like Villa Kalipay, Villa Amarapura and many more.


Three of the most popular Thai wedding destinations are Phuket, Koh Samui and Bangkok all offering every kind of venue you could imagine. If your tastes are geared more toward a beach wedding, sitting on the white sands in front of Thailand’s tropical forests and overlooking the sea then have a look at Phuket and Koh Samui wedding venues. If you have more of an inclination toward a resplendent 5-star Hotel wedding then Bangkok may be a better option. As previously noted if you are restricted to a certain time of year then this may also have an impact upon your wedding venue choice.

Image of The Surin Phuket

Types of Wedding

With such a hospitable climate and diversity of landscape there are a number of wedding types available to choose from. This can range from beach weddings, private villa and hotel weddings to an intimate marriage in a church and even a luxury yacht affair. Or why not do something really different? Check out our wonderful weddings suggestion here.

A Thai Interpretation

You may wish to include some Thai elements to your ceremony. For example, it is traditional in Thailand for a monk who is knowledgeable of astronomy to be consulted to help with choosing a date as some dates are considered advantageous for significant events to take place. Another tradition is ‘making merit’ where Buddhist monks are invited to bless the bride and groom by offering life lessons and chanting. There are other ways to ‘make merit’ such as helping to release a captive animal or donating money to one of Thailand’s many temples. This could be a nice Thai touch to an otherwise traditional wedding.