Thailand Golf Holidays

When we think of Thailand we picture beautiful white beaches, crystal clear sea and golden temples; we do not however, consider Thailand a serious destination for the world’s innumerable golf fanatics. Yet, to overlook Thailand in such a way is a mistake as courses have slowly began to pop up all over the country and while they may not rival the established golfing meccas of the world, they have become unique and distinctive courses in their own right. To help those of you wishing to explore the Thai golf scene we have provided a list of some things to think about to ensure you have your dream golfing holiday.


As ever with Thailand, planning a successful trip can depend entirely on the whims of the climate so it is important to consider the seasonal weather patterns. There are three distinct seasons in Thailand: the hot season (March to May), the green season (June to October) and the cool season (November to February). With its low humidity and temperatures fluctuating between 35° centigrade to the mid-teens, the cool season provides ideal golfing conditions. However, that is not to say that it is not possible to play during the hot season as the rise in temperature (which can go beyond 40° centigrade) is often very gradual so early morning rounds are perfectly suitable. Indeed, planning your golfing around the hot season will help avoid overly populated courses as peak season usually occurs from November to February. The green season is the wettest period on the Thai calendar with intermittent showers or thunderstorms occurring at various points throughout the day as these rainy spells tend to allow the sun to breakthrough after.

Where to go?

There are five major golfing destinations in Thailand ranging from hotels, beach resorts and locations within its major cities. The two golfing cities are Chiang Mai and Bangkok hosting ten and sixty courses respectively leaving no want for choice. Similarly, Pattaya, Phuket (Pattana Golf Club and Resort Chonburi) and Hua Hin all boast of 34 courses between them with development of more being well underway. Where you choose to golf entirely depends on what type of holiday you are looking for beyond golfing. No matter which of these five destinations you decide to go to each guarantee superb courses.

Perhaps consider whether you would prefer the busyness of Thailand’s city streets or the calm of its seaside resorts and choose your accommodation with this in mind. If on the other hand, you only wish to golf the best of Thailand’s courses then take comfort in the fact that no matter where you go Thailand’s vibrant culture will ensure you have an unforgettable stay. For some ideas of where to go visit:

Type of Golfing Holiday

There are various ways to experience a golf holiday in Thailand ranging from plush hotel/spa resorts that open onto an 18-hole golf course right on your doorstep to independent clubs for Thailand’s golf members only a short drive from your secluded villa. If your intention is solely to play golf for the duration of your stay then perhaps the former would be more suited to your needs. There are numerous deals available in each golfing destination providing all-inclusive packages for relatively cheap prices.

Useful Resources

Helping to ease the struggle of deciding where to go offers an effective way of narrowing down your options.

If on the other hand, you are hoping to split your time between the golf course and experiencing Thailand’s vibrant culture then perhaps consider renting a villa. To help out: