Authentic Thai Holidays with Rickshaw Travel

Giant trees

Do you think of yourself as more of a traveller than a tourist? Are you seeking a meaningful travel experience that takes you right into the heart of a destination? If the answer is yes then read on to discover Rickshaw Travel’s top Thailand picks for community-based holidays. Each trip has been carefully crafted to offer you an authentic, unique and personal travel experience while benefitting the community you stay with.


North Thailand
At Home with the Thai at-home-with-the-thai-denchai-homestay-kids

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Location: Den Chai – Homestay – Den Chai
Prices from: £155 – per person – Simple accommodation

  • This is a homestay in the Thai countryside, where travellers can stay with a local Dutch-Thai family who run their own homestay in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, offering the opportunity to experience real life in rural Thailand
  • You can visit a local village, learn all about the traditional Thai way of life and cycle through the countryside
    “The owner was so friendly and genuinely interested in our experiencing home and village life in the area. 100% recommended’ – (J. Collins, Rickshaw Rambler)
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Thailand-Khao-Sok-Accommodation-Anurak-Lodge-view-across-parkHikes, Bikes & Bamboo Rafting

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Location: Chiang Mai – Hill tribe trek – Chiang Mai
Prices from: £198 – per person – Standard accommodation

  • On this bite-size trip you will get the opportunity to meet the White Karen Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand
  • You’ll travel with your own guide into the remote hills, cycle past orchards, waterfalls and forests
  • You’ll spend the first night in the Karen where you can chat with other travellers and locals, and be served up a tasty home-cooked meal
  • On the second night, you’ll stay with a local family in a bamboo house built on their fields
  • On the last day your guide will tell you all about the surrounding countryside and tropical vegetation. You’ll also board a bamboo boat along the river
    “We went for a White Karen Hill Tribes trip in northern Thailand and we are very happy we did it with Rickshaw Travel who collaborate with local guides of the area.
    We trekked for two days to arrive to remote villages with a professional Thai guide who introduced us to the hill tribes, explained us a lot about their culture, customs, and flora of the region. We did appreciate a lot the responsible approach of Rickshaw Travel so we could visit authentic villages where locals live their daily routines without being disturbed by strangers.“  (Ivana Greslikova & Gianni Bianchini, Travel Writers at Nomad is Beautiful)
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South Thailand
Giant Trees and Lakes of Khao Sokthailand-khaosok-bamboo-raft-2
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Location: Surat Thani – Anurak Community Lodge Khao Sok National Park – Lake Racha Praba floating raft houses
Prices from: £355 – per person – Basic & Standard accommodation / £398 – per person – Basic & In Style accommodation

  • This unique Thailand trip takes you deep into rural Thailand
  • You’ll sleep in two unique places; the Anurak Community Lodge in Khao Sok National Park, where the staff and guides are from the local community, and a floating raft house on a shimmering lake
  • The Anurak Community Lodge in Khao Sok National Park was built by our partner in Thailand alongside the local community. The lodge employs people from the area to run the accommodation and has trained guides to run tours throughout the park, giving you an insight into this beautiful area from a local’s perspective. The lodge was built as a sustainable property; recycling, reusing and reducing their impact on the environment
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village-life-by-the-river-Thailand-Khlong-Noi-homestay-local-man-fruitVillage Life by the River
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Location: Surat Thani – Khlong Noi home stay
Prices from: £195 – per person – Simple accommodation

  • Khlong Noi (30 minutes outside of Surat Thani) is a relatively undiscovered area that gives travellers the chance to learn all about local life and their daily activities, such as shrimp fishing and weaving depending on the season
  • There is also a community project in this village where they clean the river and mangroves to ensure their fishing practices are maintained, as you explore the area your guide is likely to tell you all about the work here and proudly show you the positive effects of their hard work
  • You’ll stay with one of the host families in a traditional house which is simple yet comfortable
  • With a guide, you’ll learn all about the local project and activities. The activities you will see may vary depending on the season but typical jobs here include shrimp fishing, palm leave weaving and carpentry
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