Make a trip to Thailand top of your New Year’s resolutions for 2015!

According to the old Arab proverb, “He who lives sees, but he who travels sees more”. So it’s no surprise travelling tops many people’s list of New Year’s resolutions. But how can you stick to your promise and make sure you visit your dream destination this year?

Here are five top tips to help you stay on track with your travel plans to Thailand in 2015.

1. Research when to go

Whether you’re a sun bunny or prefer to explore in cooler climes, the weather in Thailand is generally warm and sunny all year round. However, it’s still important to think about what time of year you want to go. The rainy ‘green season’ in Thailand varies from region to region and is largely dominated by the tropical monsoon. Broadly speaking, Thailand’s rainy season can be classified as May/June to October. For most of Thailand, the wettest months are usually August-October. However, the Gulf Coast of the southern peninsula (e.g. Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan) is affected by the south-west monsoon which can lead to heavy rainfall in November and the beginning of December.

Don’t be put off by the thought of visiting Thailand during the rainy season. The weather is still very warm and the downpours are often short and sharp. Bargains can be had with accommodation and the tourist areas are less crowded. ‘Green season’ is one of the more beautiful times to visit when the landscapes are lush and adventure travellers can enjoy swollen rivers and rushing waterfalls.

2. Look for the best deals

It’s easy to jump on the first deal you see. But search around to find what each travel company has to offer. As well as beating the January blues, booking early can lead to some great bargains, especially if the trip is out of school holidays. If you‘re bringing the kids along, book in advance to give yourself more time to save for all the activities they’ll want to do while there!

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3. Set a date

Once you’ve researched best deals and time of year to go, take the plunge and book! You can then start to plan the rest of your trip and have something amazing to look forward to in 2015.

4. Manage your money

If you’re worried about the cost or over spending when you get there, set yourself saving and budget targets. Put a manageable amount of money away each month in a savings pot and stick up photos of where you want to go as inspiration. By the time your holiday comes round, you’ll have a portion of money saved to spend guilt free! The great news is that Thailand is very affordable and an excellent value-for-money holiday destination so you won’t need as much spending money as a holiday to Europe for example.

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Source: Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer, 2014

5. Learn the culture

Once your holiday is booked and you’ve got an idea of what activities you want to do – it’s time to get acquainted with the culture. Take time to learn about the country, knowing a few key phrases and local customs can go a long way! For example, in Thailand the customary way to greet people is a small head bow with hands pressed together called the Wai. It is an integral part of Thai etiquette and can be expressed as hello, thank you and goodbye. Read more on Cultural Do’s and Don’ts.

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