5 Thai-inspired activities to keep kids busy this summer

Summer is here and kids across the UK and Ireland are preparing for the long holiday, and a well-earned rest! If you’re wondering how to keep them occupied during the summer break, we’ve come up with 5 Thai-inspired activities that might help …

1. Let’s go (make and) fly a kite…

Traditional Thai kites at the Satun Kite Festival, Thailand. Photo credit: www.discoverythailand.com

Traditional Thai kites at the Satun Kite Festival, Thailand. Photo credit: www.discoverythailand.com

Flying kites is a tradition in Thailand that stretches back around 700 years and is usually dependent on the prevailing monsoon winds. You’ll see kite-flying in the north and north-eastern parts of Thailand between November and February and you’ll see people flying kites in the central, southern and western parts of Thailand between March and May.

Kite flying is something that appeals to all ages and having a go at making your own kite is a fantastic activity for kids. You don’t have to try to emulate the traditional Thai kite shapes – a standard diamond shape will be just as much fun! For an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide see the My Best Kite website,  here.

2.  Cook up a simple Thai meal

Hairy Bikers' Thai Fish Cakes. Photo credit: www.bbc.co.uk

Hairy Bikers’ Thai Fish Cakes. Photo credit: www.bbc.co.uk

Did your kids try eating Thai food when you were on your holiday? Or maybe you’d like to encourage your little ones to acquire a taste for Thai food in preparation for your next Thai holiday? Then get them in the kitchen and encourage them to have a go at rustling up a delicious Thai meal for the family!

A really simple way to get them cooking is to use a Thai Taste Meal Kit which you can buy in most supermarkets now. The range includes Easy Green and Red Thai Curry as well as easy Pad Thai and you can choose to use chicken, beef or vegetable versions.

For older kids, why not get them to help you prepare a Thai meal from scratch? If you saw The Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure programmes on BBC earlier this year you might be interested to try some of their yummy versions of traditional Thai dishes such as Thai Fish Cakes With a Honey & Cucumber Dip and Coconut & Sticky Rice Pudding With Lime and Papaya Salad.

If the kids really take an interest in Thai cooking you can try booking some lessons at a Thai cooking school when you next visit Thailand!

3. Create a Thai holiday scrapbook

Get the kids to make a scrapbook of their Thailand hoilday. Photo credit: www.examiner.com

Get the kids to make a scrapbook of their Thailand holiday. Photo credit: www.examiner.com

Have you been to Thailand on a family holiday with your children and brought back lots of mementoes and photos? Well, how about encouraging the kids to collect it all together and make a scrapbook of their trip?

Photos are a great start, but you can also get your kids to draw their favourite places, and activities – such as swimming, playing on the beach or in the swimming pool, visiting an Elephant Sanctuary or water park. Tickets, postcards and even pressed flower garlands can be included too.

Older children could even do some extra research on the places they visited – such as temples to find out a bit more about Thailand’s unique culture. And maybe they can start thinking about where in Thailand they want to go next!

4. Explore Thailand with Smile Land social media games

Siam Tempo - a fun mini game for kids. Photo credit: www.smileland.com

Siam Tempo – a fun mini game for kids. Photo credit: www.smileland.com

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has developed a range of mini games called Smile Land that can be played via different computer and mobile devices. The idea is that in playing the games, children will be able to explore Thai culture in a fun way. The games can be downloaded from the Smile Land website.

The choice includes:

  • Som Tum Sukja – where you have to try to manage an increasingly busy Som Tum restaurant, with demanding customers and lots of orders. This game is for iPad only.
  • Thailand Racing – for kids who are mad about cars! This game is for Windows Phone only.
  • Muay Thai – for sporty types . This game is for iPhone only.
  • Siam Tempo – for kids who like to make a lot of noise! Practice and play Thai Sabat Chai. This game is for Android phones.
  • Tuk Tuk Racing – for those who love challenges. You have to race aroudn Bangkok avoiding obstacles. This game is played on a desktop computer.
  • Siam Fun Fair – lots of different activities that you might find at a Temple Fair in Thailand. Thsi game is available for Ovi Nokia phones only.

5. Visit a Thai festival

Traditional Thai dancer. Photo credit: www.verythai.co.uk/events

Traditional Thai dancer. Photo credit: www.verythai.co.uk/events

Throughout the summer around Britain, you’ll find local communities hosting Thai festivals. These are great fun for the whole family and usually include traditional Thai music and dancing, Thai boxing demonstrations, crafts, children’s rides and, of course, lots of delicious Thai food. You’ll find a list of events around the UK and Ireland on the Very Thai website here.

Upcoming events include:

  • Bristol Thai Festival – 26 & 27 July 2014.
  • Wales Thai festival (Cardiff) – 9 & 10 August.
  • Torbay Thai Festival – 23 & 24 August.

So…do you have some good ideas to share on how best to keep the kids busy this summer?