12 Thai-inspired Christmas Gifts & Stocking Fillers

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …and that means searching for gifts that will bring a smile to the faces of friends and family.

We thought we’d count down the 12 days of Christmas by coming up with some  Thai-inspired Christmas gifts and stocking fillers squarely aimed at fans of Thailand! All can be purchased here in the UK, either at a shop or online. Simply click on the links in the descriptions below – happy shopping!

1. Thai candles & incense

Perfect Thai-inspired stocking filler – candles & incense. Photo credit; www.madeinthailand.co.uk

Here’s a great Thai-inspired stocking filler – a cute incense tray with candles, elephant holders and incense sticks from the Made In Thailand website. Guaranteed to create a relaxed atmosphere in the home! They also offer a great range of tea-light holders and scented candles.

2. Thai silk scarves

Gorgeous Thai silk scarves. Photo credit: www.thaistyledirect.co.uk.

Instead of giving woolly scarves this year – how about beautiful Thai-silk scarves instead? Thai Style Direct has a good range and can ship within the UK. As well as fabulous scarves, they also stock Thai fisherman trousers – very popular among travellers to Thailand as these one-size-fits-all trousers are perfect for casual wear, on the beach as well as when exercising.

3. Thai spa products

Wellness Hand Cream Mini Trio from Sranrom. Photo credit: www.sranrom.co.uk

No trip to Thailand is usually complete without the indulgence of a Thai massage or spa experience.

Sranrom offers a great range of beauty and wellness products made in Thailand that will help to provide a pampering closer to home! From hand creams and shower gels to  aromatherapy and massage oils, all Sranrom products are made with 100% plant-based ingredients carefully selected for their therapeutic properties.

4. Thai massage – voucher

Traditional Thai massage. Photo credit: ©Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Talking of Thai massages – there are plenty of Thai massage salons in the UK and most will sell gift vouchers. So why not give your friends and family members a wonderful treat to start the new year and beat the winter blues?

The Very Thai website has a directory of businesses around the UK offering traditional Thai massage treatments. Many will be happy to offer vouchers.

5. A bottle of Thai wine


New Latitude Wine from Thailand – a great Christmas gift. Photo credit: www.monsoonvalleywine.co.uk

While tucking into your Christmas lunch why not indulge in a taste of Thailand sunshine by sipping on a ‘New Latitude’ wine such as Monsoon Valley Wines. The full range of Monsoon Valley Wines from Siam Winery can be bought online from UK suppliers such as at Great Wines Direct. It’s worth googling to find suppliers who can deliver in your area.

6. Thai cooking ingredients

Although some supermarkets are now stocking Thai ingredients (well done Waitrose for stocking Thai Basil!), it can be tricky sometimes finding exactly what you need to make your favourite Thai dish.

So, why not create a spicy gift for the Thai foodie in your life? You can find a useful  directory of UK-based Thai Groceries on the Very Thai website. If you’re not lucky enough to have a local stockist, then you can buy Thai ingredients online too – anything from herbs and spices to vegetables and packaged Thai curries.

7. Thai cookware

Thai sticky rice cooker. Photo credit; www.tradewindsorientalshop.co.uk

Love Thai sticky rice? Then how about recreating some of your favourite Thai meals with a Thai sticky rice cooker from Trade Winds Oriental Shop? Other cookware ideas include bamboo steamers, pestle & mortars, and chopsticks.

8. Chocolate covered grasshoppers

Chocolate-covered grasshoppers. Photo credit: www.thailandunique.com

For the adventurous – forget chocolate Santas, coins and reindeer. How about some chocolate covered grasshoppers, scorpions or silkworms, instead? The Thailand Unique website offers a huge range of weird and wonderful ‘bug candy’, canned bugs (tarantulas, anyone?) and special alcohol infusions (scorpions, spiders…).

9. Organic Mossie Spray

Natural Mossie Spray Repellant – a kinder way to keep the mossies at bay. Photo credit; www.thaiorganiclife.com

And talking of insects, do you know anyone who seems to attract the dreaded mossies when on holiday in  Thailand? Then the Natural Mossie Spray Repellant from the Thai Organic Life website would be a really useful and welcome addition to their Christmas stocking. Made of 100% natural ingredients, it’s kinder on your skin as well as the environment.

10. Thai-carved soap flowers

Purple Rose carved from soap. Photo credit: www.exquisitesoap.co.uk

The beautiful Fair Trade soap flowers offered by Exquisite Soap have been hand-carved by artisans in rural ‘One Village (Tambon), One Product’ communities in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand – appropriately known as ‘the Rose of the North’.

The carvings are then carefully painted with food dye and packaged in a lacquered mango wood box. All shavings are melted down to make another block of soap – so nothing goes to waste. If you’ve travelled in Thailand you’ve probably come across OTOP items – the aim is to encourage people to create products using local sustainable resources. 

11. Learn Muay Thai – voucher


Give the gift of fitness! A voucher to learn the art of Muay Thai boxing. Photo credit ©AsiaWebDirect via www.bangkok.com

For the person in your life whose New Year resolution is to get fit – how about a voucher for some Muay Thai lessons? Very Thai has a directory of gyms which teach Muay Thai covering England, Scotland and Wales.

12. Tuk Tuk Souvenir

A tuk tuk made from a Chang beer can. Photo credit: www.amazon.co.uk

Do you know someone who loves Chang beer and travelling by tuk tuk? Then this souvenir will make a brilliant stocking filler bringing lots of great Thailand memories! It’s available from Amazon – they also do tuk tuks made from Singha beer and Coke cans.

Share your Thai inspired Christmas present ideas and Thailand travel stories, or be inspired by others, at Thailand Reunited on Facebook!

Share your Thai inspired Christmas present ideas and Thailand travel stories, or be inspired by others, at Thailand Reunited on Facebook!