Family activity holidays in Thailand: looking for adventure

Travelling with children can be daunting but it’s by no means impossible and the good news is that researching your trip has never been easier thanks to the internet and social media.

Thailand is a wonderful destination for a family holiday and offers a wide range of experiences – whether you are looking for a beach resort in Phuket with plenty of kids activities, a trek through a beautiful national park such as Khao Yai, or something even more adventurous like a homestay in Chiang Mai and a visit to a hill tribe and elephant sanctuary.

Interestingly, in a poll we ran earlier this month on our Facebook page, we asked fans: “Which activities would you choose for your family holiday on Thailand?” Out of the 47 votes cast, 22 votes went to ‘Jungle trek & Village Homestay’ so we know that families really are looking for adventure. This short video may give you a taste of what to expect on a homestay:

Planning your trip
Travelling around Thailand is affordable, easy and wherever you go you can be sure of a big welcome from the locals: Thai people love children and will often make a fuss of them. So a family holiday can turn into something really special, giving you and your children an opportunity to experience real Thai culture rather than just the tourist hot spots.

An easy option is to organise your holiday through a travel operator such as The Adventure Company which is highly experienced at planning family holidays throughout the world.

If you want to plan your family holiday in Thailand yourself then there are loads of great online resources to help you do your research and plan your itinerary so you make the most of your time.

The Tourism Thailand website has some good general information on planning your trip and some useful travel tips too. Our Thailand Reunited YouTube channel also has some videos that should help you plan your trip – like this one:

At Thailand Reunited we also have a growing library of short personal stories that people have uploaded so their experiences of travelling in Thailand can be shared.

Ryan King’s website Thailand4Kids offers families a comprehensive guide to just about every aspect of planning a family trip to Thailand and is well worth reading.

Travel blogs 
There are also some very good blogs about travelling with children that offer another source of personal experience that can be valuable to families.

The My Little Nomads blog, for instance, has an inspiring introduction that talks about all the benefits that travelling with kids can bring. The blog has a good “5 best places to visit in Thailand” post, complete with travel and accommodation tips. ( In case you’re wondering the five recommended places to visit are: Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket, Railay Beach, Krabi, and Koh Samui.)

The Travel Savvy Mom blog is another great source of practical advice and info and one of their most recent posts was about visiting Bangkok with your kids.

Final word – be polite!
Travelling in a new country with a different culture and different language is fascinating and educational but it’s important to remember that Thailand is a very polite society. It’s therefore worth reading about how not to offend people accidentally.’s list of ‘Dos And Don’ts’ is a useful read. For instance: “Do – smile a lot; Don’t place your feet on the table while sitting, don’t point to anything with your feet and don’t touch anybody with your feet.”

If you’re thinking of planning a family holiday to Thailand, I hope this blog post has given you food for thought. Do let us know what sort of holiday you’re looking for – and don’t forget to share your experiences with Thailand Reunited on your return! Happy travels!