Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin Launches New Corporate Social Responsibility Project Builds Library for Local School

RDH Library

RDH Library

Jakri Rujirat, General Manager of Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin, and his team have recently completed their new  corporate social responsibility project.  The staff from the hotel have built and furnished (and will maintain) a dedicated library facility for the local Ban Wang Bost School.

“This is a project we are most passionate about in order to promote literacy and education for the next generation”, said Jakri.

The Ban Wang Bost School is located 20 km from Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin, approximately 3 km from the Black Mountain Golf Course. It has 76 pupils aged 3 to 12.  The hotel also provided books for the library and will continue to add new books on a quarterly basis.

The construction commenced on March 14, 2011 and the library was officially opened on 10 April. A team of 8 staff from the hotel worked on the project which took  252 hours (28 days, 9 hours) to complete, at a cost of  200,000 Baht (USD6,904).

A grand opening was held on April 10, 2011 during which the hotel will organize an event for the school and local community with a party and games for the children. The Library was named “Lor Ling Rian Roo” which translates to learning and knowing – and combines with the playful logo of the Rest Detail Hotel’s three wise monkeys.

The hotel donates 50 Baht per occupied room night from their revenue to the program and guests can make a personal donation either by donating books to the Rest Detail Hotel or its Bangkok Office,  or by donating cash in the special envelope provided in guestrooms.

For further information or to make a donation (of cash or books), please contact:

Mrs. Suranchana Thanbunphairach – Front Office Manager
Tel: +66 (0) 32 547 733

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